One Nation, Under Scrutiny

Almost 14 years ago on a Tuesday afternoon, second-grader Ymn Ghalyoun sat in her elementary school classroom. She remembers hearing about the planes crashing into two towers in New York. At first, Ghalyoun didn’t understand all of the news she was seeing on television about the buildings crumbling. But soon enough, things started to change […]

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Diversey Business Turnover

By Allyssa Campbell-Sawyer, Emily Clement and Gabriela Najera StoryMap of Lincoln Park/Lakeview East businesses. Lincoln Park is one of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods and is home to some of its most significant tourist attractions. It’s home to DePaul University and Chicago hot-spots like the Lincoln Park Zoo, Sweet Mandy B’s and Second City Improv. […]

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The Pros and “Cons” of Michi Trota

Michi Trota can’t remember the exact moment she became a nerd, probably because it wasn’t an exact moment. From childhood, she inherited a passion for comics and sci-fi/fantasy series from her parents. Her mother encouraged her to look up to the strong female characters in the series they loved together; not “girly-girls,” but rather self-assured […]

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