I Was On A Panel at C2E2! — April 24, 2017

I Was On A Panel at C2E2!

On April 23, I had a unique opportunity to speak on a panel at C2E2. How you ask? Let’s go back in time a bit.
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Why I Love Tomb Raider — January 1, 2016

Why I Love Tomb Raider

tomb raider lara croft
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This isn’t a review. This is me talking a little bit about why I love Tomb Raider, the first modern video game that I’ve successfully completed (on normal!). This game single-handedly got me hooked on gaming, and has me drooling in anticipation over when the sequel to the 2013 reboot, Rise of the Tomb Raider, will be available on PlayStation 4 (the console I use). The game wasn’t a perfect one, as I did have one or two gripes about the story development along the way, but all in all, I think I’ll have a hard time finding another game that sucks me in quite as much as Tomb Raider. Which kind of sucks, seeing as how it’s the first game I ever completed.

But anyways, let me explain to you why I am officially Lara Croft trash.

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The Pros and “Cons” of Michi Trota — June 9, 2014

The Pros and “Cons” of Michi Trota

Michi Trota can’t remember the exact moment she became a nerd, probably because it wasn’t an exact moment. From childhood, she inherited a passion for comics and sci-fi/fantasy series from her parents. Her mother encouraged her to look up to the strong female characters in the series they loved together; not “girly-girls,” but rather self-assured women, even if such women were fictional.

Growing up, Trota was given a great deal of parental responsibility to care for her little brother because of her mother’s worsening multiple sclerosis. When she was 12, her mother died, and her father remarried in her teens. Once he remarried, their father-daughter relationship was strained — he wanted her to surrender the autonomy she was given as a girl.

Yet there was one thing that brought Trota and her father together despite their power struggle.

“A lot of the ways that my father and I remained connected was through a mutual love of those fandoms….loving anime…loving science fiction,” Trota said.
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