One thing you must know about me is that I have within the last year become OBSESSED with makeup. I am currently in the process of building my makeup collection, which is difficult because a) makeup is expensive, and b) my current salary (if you can even call it that, I work part time) does not support my new makeup addiction. Nyx is the brand I am lusting after the most as of now, so this video by YouTuber Bailey Van Der Veen has me crying a little inside. I mean just look at this collection!! I am swooning.

As a side note, I follow a small crop of makeup YouTubers. My favorite is Bailey, but my other subscriptions are to Bronte Jones (for my hooded eyes), Jaclyn Hill, and KathleenLights. I also check out ItsMyRayeRaye from time to time, although I don’t subscribe to her since she posts less frequently than the others I follow.

Check these beautiful ladies out and the video embedded above!